Monday, January 30, 2012

Coming soon: Violet

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I just got back from a last-minute long weekend trip to Richmond. We stayed in a cute little bed & breakfast right by the VMFA, in the museum district. It was a fun place to visit and we got to check out a few vintage/antique stores and I managed to pick up some little goodies (unfortunately represented here with poorly lit bad photography ...sigh).
Some cute vintage buttons I found.

More sewing books! "Embroidery," "Clothing for Moderns," and "Sewing Made Easy." No, those are not blue rubber dish-washing gloves.
A peek inside "Sewing Made Easy" - tips on measuring and figure flattery.

Inside "Clothing for Moderns" - display of "Prints either poor in design or lacking character." Unfortunately these were all polka dots! Looks like I need to work on my fabric choices.

Cute pattern transfers from "Embroidery." Can't wait to try these!
Before I left town, I'd been on the right track with my latest project -- Colette Pattern's Violet blouse. Well, at least on the right track preparing my latest project. I'd picked out my fabric, washed it, ironed it, laid it out on my nice new IKEA folding table (side note: I'd been searching for this - my dream sewing table - for months, once I'd learned of its existence. I managed to find it on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago and have been hyped to use it. It gives me so much space for working and laying out fabric and then folds up so small when I'm not using it, and it has drawers! - no more need to convince the boyfriend why I need so much computer room/office real estate for potential sewing. Yay!!), cut out and pressed my pattern pieces, arranged them on my fabric, and then... went to Richmond. Now that I've returned, this afternoon/evening, I have a cold or some persistent allergy problems and no energy to do anything other than post this.

I do expect I'll be back in action soon, though. I've got my pattern pieces all set up waiting for me to cut them out...taunting me, and the dread joy of agonizing over those seven buttonholes on the blouse, once I finally get to sewing. Wish me luck!


  1. Oh I'm so jealous of your Ikea table! I really want to get one of these...but not at full price! I've been looking on Gumtree but so far no luck.
    Good luck with the blouse (I'm very nervous about buttonhole on my machine...they always work on the practise scrap and then the machine eats the real fabric - nightmare!).

    1. Suzie, I have the same issue with buttonholes on my machine! I do about 57 practice holes on scraps and once I think I've got it all under control, everything lined up and working properly, I try it on my garment fabric and my machine makes the buttonhole crooked or in the wrong spot and bunches up my fabric, too. I have no idea how to prevent this from happening, other than to just keep trying ...and pray.


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