Wednesday, February 8, 2012

About time...

Update: I forgot to mention that today was my little blog's one month anniversary. Yay! Thanks to anyone and everyone who has stopped by to check me out and special thanks to those of you who've left comments - they make my day!

Piggybacking on the theme of Debi's Sew Grateful week, I just wanted to share that, in addition to my admiration/awe/fascination/infatuation for the online sewing community/blog-land, which I am most definitely grateful for,  I'm so glad I also have supportive helpers in my (real) life. Hooray for boyfriends who are handy in Photoshop! Handy and helpful, that is. Thanks to mine, I've got a new blog banner (I know!), if you somehow didn't notice.

Also, my fabric finally arrived this evening so I can really get crackin' on my Violet blouse, underlining and all. Get excited! (that bit was more directed at me than you).

There may also be another project hanging out on my sewing table, too, hoping to get some love. It just might have something to do with this intriguing double knit I may or may not have picked up from Vogue Fabrics. Note the distinct lack of polka dots...and my lack of experience with knits! Again, get excited!!!



  1. Ooo - nice fabric! And love your new blog header!

  2. Love the new blog header -- your BF is pretty talented!

    If you aren't experienced with knits -- check your reference books to see if you should be using a ball-point needle on a doubleknit; and also a stretch stitch if your machine has one (or just a super-skinny zig-zag is what I used to do, instead of a regular straight stitch for seams). Test on scraps & good luck!

    1. Thanks for the tips, Luanne! I bet my Fabric Savvy Resource Guide has some tips for sewing with doubleknit. ;)


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