Thursday, March 22, 2012


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...or something like that, right?

Well, I totally copied Zoe, of 'So, Zo...' fame, after reading her recent post about blouse patterns. I feverishly scoured the internets for this adorable little 1950's kimono sleeve blouse and managed to snatch it up on Ebay - thank goodness!

Simplicity 3266 (image via Vintage Patterns Wiki)

I selfishly waited to share until I'd won it, for fear someone else would out-bid me in the meantime - I know, slightly obsessed.

This blouse hits several marks for me. I find the pattern illustration adorable, I really love the cute collar,  and I especially love the fact that there's no setting-in of sleeves to do! After struggling with the sleeves on my Joan dress (which I'll share more on once I've emotionally recovered) I'm ready for a break from traditional(?) set-in sleeves.

Versions 2 and 3 look just perfect for spring. Yay! What am I talking about, Version 1 is 3/4 sleeves - perfect for spring, as well. Now I just need to figure out what fabric(s) to use...

What do you think? Would it be weird to have the collar in a contrasting/coordinating print or color? Maybe I could add some piping or other trim to it, too? What about contrasting cuffs on version 2? Am I just getting crazy here?


  1. I think a contrasting collar and cuffs, maybe in a pattern like polka dots or a small floral, would look really nice. I'm thinking of doing something similar on a future make too.

  2. Go crazy with it I say! I love me some vintage blouses! Real cute pattern too :)

  3. I like simple designs like this--there's so much opportunity for personalization! I like Kestrel's suggestion--mix and match fabrics. Wouldn't it be darling in a gingham (red perhaps?) with some white on the collar and cuffs?


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