Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some October Finds

This month has been a bit bleh. I'd known in advance that it was going to consist of several busy weeks at work, but when that pairs with booked weekend after booked weekend (after kind of booked weekend), rather than the lazy, whatever-I-feel-like weekends I love, that's when the blog starts to become more neglected than I'd like and very little sewing gets done. My plaid skirt is all but completed - just waiting on a finished hem, so I won't be sharing that quite yet.

I have managed to pick up a few items so far this month, during the couple of random estate sales I've squeezed in and antique stores I've managed to stop by, that I thought you all might like to see.

cute 1960s dress patterns

classic, usable vintage buttons

1960s blue pillbox hat with a bow!

Pillbox hat complete with tiny hair combs


  1. I definitely feel your pain on the 'booked weekend' front! I find the worst bit is that I start to resent whatever it is I'm doing on a booked weekend, even though it's probably something I really enjoy, because I want to be at home sewing!

    That Butterick pattern is so cute! I'm off to a vintage fair this weekend, I really hope I get some good finds!

  2. love your finds! both those patterns are gorgeous!

  3. I recommend Butterick 2907 - I made the version with the collar for work, and get complements on it whenever I wear it.

  4. I love both of those patterns! I'm a big fan of raglan sleeves, so I particularly like that one. And the buttons and hat are too sweet!

    I hate when my weekends are booked solid, too. I like to alternate busy weekends with quiet ones so I feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds (although my job is so crazy that lately I've just been wanting to hole up all weekend long). Here's hoping that things slow down a bit in the near future. :)

  5. The pillbox hat is entirely cute! But I'm looking at those built-in combs and wondering about the logistics of securing the hat to hair with said combs. The movements required to get both entwined in hair to hold it in place are in opposite directions... how does this work??
    haha... I'm currently contemplating the best hat-securing mechanism as I'm attending an event in two days that required by way of dress code a hat!!


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