Friday, June 28, 2013

Finished Project: Simplicity Shorts

I'm not joking, you guys - I sewed shorts! I made a garment with a crotch for the first time!

It all started when I saw this cute Simplicity separates pattern from the 1960s on Etsy. Everything in it is cute! I especially like the top and pleated skirt, but so far I've only sewn the shorts. I used some medium-heavy weight, stretch, orange/red gingham that I won in a giveaway from Sally over at The Quirky Peach (thanks, girl!).

The shorts were cut and sewn up in no time (just a few hours) and I didn't really even follow the instructions - I just went for it! I ended up taking in the side seams a bit, which also happens to me on fitted skirts, because my hips don't form that perfect, curved, bottom-half-of-an-hourglass shape. They're a little more straight. The finished shorts don't fit superbly, but now that I've completed my first pair I can always make more adjustments for the next time around.

Yes, I made a wonky waistband-zipper meeting (I only had a mustard yellow zipper), but it still functions. I also got the buttonhole sewn on a little high, but it works.  My only real problem is that the fit is too ...bulky. It looks ok when I'm standing still, but as soon as I shift my weight or take a step, this pair of shorts tuns into a creepy, old lady-ish, unflattering, bunchy sack of fabric. I didn't have the heart to publish any of those bunchy photos, but maybe someday...  For now, these shorts will live in the murky area between muslin and finished project. They might get some wear over a swim suit, but we'll have to see.

Anyway, despite their imperfections these shorts still make me feel PUMPED that I sewed them at all. As soon as I finished them, Duke curled up on my sewing machine foot pedal, nice and cozy-like, to celebrate.

Have you all made shorts or pants or anything (is there anything else?) with a crotch? Was it a mixed success like mine, or did you get it right on your first try?


  1. High waisted shorts! Such a cute idea! They look so sweet with that top - or is it a bathing suit? In any case, ADORABLE - love the pattern you used and congrats on your first pair of shorts!!!

    1. Thanks, Sally. I couldn't have done it without you!
      Oh, and it is a bathing suit in the photo :)

  2. These are adorable!
    If it were me I'd wear them around the house a bit and pay attention to where it's not fitting so you can really treat them as a wearable muslin.
    Once you figure out what's off with the fit you could research, amend and make another super cute pair that you'll be likely to wear out of the house.
    And no I haven't made anything with a crotch in it so I'm jealous that you've lived to tell the tale with your first pair!

  3. My first pants muslin was also with a sixties pattern that looked oh-so-cute on the envelope, but once it was made up was a saggy crotched you're not alone! For what it's worth, the side views look great :)

    The problem with sixties pants patterns is that the way they wore pants and intended them to look is different from our more modern expectations. Or at least, I tell myself this after having made three different ones that all fit the same way, despite my having picked the correct waist size. I agree with Scared Stitchless -- wear them around the house and see where the changes need to be made. Can you take the crotch apart and baste it together with different curves just to experiment?

  4. Whatever you think about moving in them they look amazing standing still! I love the high waisted style of them and the gingham fabric is so cute. I think they really suit you!

  5. LOL - well my pants took me 5 muslins, and I still didn't fix the "problems"! I think these shorts are a great start!!!!

  6. I think the shorts make such a sweet little summer look with you cherry top (swimsuit?)!! You look fantastic standing still - you could just spend all day posing! I think making pants is all about finding the right crotch length/curve for your body. These look like a fantastic starting place!

  7. These look amazing on you..shame you don't like them in motion :o( I'm sure some small tweaks will make a second version perfect though! I've made PJ bottoms once...

  8. These look great from these photos! I don't think the fit is that far off-- I bet your next pair will be a great success! I'm gearing up to try shorts again-- I had an unsuccessful battle with the Colette Iris shorts pattern last summer and eventually set them aside after something like four muslins. Ugh!

  9. I love the post open "I made a garment with a crotch for the first time!" I just imagine you running up to strangers yelling it, hahahaha! Only sewists can appreciate that ;-)
    They turned out super cute. Maybe the bunching is just part of the high-waisted thing? But I've never made high-waisted anything, so don't listen to me! They're cute anyway, and I dig the mustard yellow with it.

  10. Cuuute! Shorts were the first thing I made for the lower half too (that wasn't a skirt, obv). These are so sweet!! :)

  11. Oh they look cute! The fit looks amazingly good when you're standing still. Maybe they're supposed to fit that way, since the pattern is vintage?
    The only pair of trousers I've made are some rather loose fitting linen trousers (oh, and a pair of leggings), so I've not had much fitting issues. I'm thinking it might be time for some fitted shorts, though... :)

  12. Congrats on the shorts, they look great. I have yet to make a pair :( I love the high waist!


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