Saturday, December 28, 2013


Looking back on this year of thrifting and sewing and blogging, I found myself putting together a list of some of the best or most memorable things. With the end of year reflections and Top-5's I've been seeing around blogland this week, I thought I'd join in and share mine.

Favorite Me-Made Wardrobe Addition:

This would have to be my Anthropologie inspired Laurel v. 5 top.

This top gets worn all the time, whether I'm going to work or just running errands on the weekends. I love the cotton-silk fabric and the cute pink spots.

Favorite Dress:

I made a good number of dresses this year (10 blogged, 12 total), but my favorite has to be the Floral Wedding Guest Dress I made to wear for Tom's brother's wedding in June.

This is more of a special occasion piece than an everyday dress, but it still won this category for me. The fit is not perfect but it is still such a fun dress to wear. I love the rayon bemberg lined full gathered skirt -- it's just perfect for twirling and frolicking.

Biggest Sewing Fail:

My biggest "meh" project this year was the Pilgrim Peony (wearable muslin) that I never quite finished.

I surprised myself whipping up this project on a whim and really liking the futuristic/mod collar I came up with. By the time I'd blogged about it, I was mere moments from tucking the unfinished blob into the closet to revisit later. I suppose I just lost momentum and have not touched it since. I have a feeling it's going to be sitting in the closet for a while.

Best Pattern:

This for me, as I'm sure you're all shocked to hear, would have to be the Laurel top & dress pattern by Colette Patterns. When the pattern was first released, my initial reaction was "" It didn't seem too remarkable to me, but I decided to try it and participate in the contest Colette held, and then I was totally hooked.

I ended up making a total of 10 Laurel variations this year (including a top and a dress made for friends). My favorite and most worn dress version has to be my Back to School Laurel. It came out a bit short but is still a really versatile piece in my wardrobe. I even wore it on Christmas (with tights) when we had everyone over for family dinner.

Favorite Thrifted Find:

My favorite piece found during my thrift store and estate sale travels this year has been the short sleeved camel colored Bobbie Brooks cashmere sweater I found at a thrift store. It was a great price, is in excellent condition, and has made a useful addition to my wardrobe. It also happens to look great paired with my leopard print belt.

I don't think a person can have too many camel colored separates. They're a great neutral to pair with any other color or style.

Project(s) I'm Most Excited To Sew Next Year:

This one needs to be split into 2 categories: Dresses & Separates. The dress I'm really looking forward to trying out in 2014 is the Hazel dress by Victory Patterns.

And the separate I've been dying to sew for months but am determined and excited to do in 2014 is Tilly's Mathilde blouse. I've even got the pieces printed out, taped together, and cut, so all I need to do is pick my fabric and get to work!

In addition to ringing in the new year, there will be a little extra bit of celebrating going on in these parts as Sewin' Steady's 2nd birthday is coming up in just a few days. I'm considering giving the blog a makeover, will definitely be announcing some exciting news, and also doing a giveaway to celebrate. You won't want to miss it!


  1. Great roundup! I too love your spotty top, and have a similar version ticking away in my brain.....

  2. Awesome! Love your sweet and simple round up! And yay for a blogversary coming up - I have one too! :)

  3. Totally agree about the camel! Jealous of your sweater find! Love your cute pieces.

  4. I got the Laurel for Christmas and am very inspired by all of yours! Can't wait to get started. Looking forward to seeing your version of the Hazel

  5. I am also excited for Hazel and the Mathilde blouse. Both look so comfy cute!

    1. Yes! I've been meaning to sew both for some time now, so I can finally add them to my wardrobe!

  6. I like your Laurel top - I made my first version of the dress recently and I have to say I didn't love was too big so that's probably half the problem. When I see this dress on others though I just love it. I think it looks cute in the shorter length. I think I should try again with it.


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