Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Party Dress: Fabric

I ordered six different fabric swatches, from three different online fabric stores, before I could bring myself to make a decision on the fabric for my party dress. After looking at everything in person, I was stuck between the least expensive option, from Gorgeous Fabrics, and the most expensive fabric, from Mood. I would "decide" on one and then change my mind the next day when I'd attempt to finally check out online! After taking a mental-fabric-break for a couple days, I revisited the swatches I'd received and held them up to my dress form, trying to imagine them as a dress. I liked the idea of a more sparkly fabric, and that paired with the lower price is what brought me to my final choice: the Spanish Couture Lame Brocade from Gorgeous Fabrics. Wish me luck!

How do you decide on fabrics for a bigger project? Do you plan the fabric and then the pattern, or try to find the perfect fabric to match an idea that only exists in your head?

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  1. I'm sewing my daughter's prom dress this spring and the sewing isn't what's causing me worry it's choosing fabric! So I hear ya. I have swatches on the way to me now.

    I like your choice and can't wait to see your dress :)


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