Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Party Dress: Update #1

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a nice holiday and you're all ready to crush 2016... in a good way. Like, be awesome and get stuff done.... Anyway! Party dress stuff.

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Swatches can look pretty different in person than on a fabric store's website! I suppose that's the whole point of ordering them, duh. Here are my photos (still not the same as seeing the real thing) of my Mood swatches. If you look back at my previous post, you can see the difference between the official photos and mine.

I want a shimmery party dress, but not a glitter-encrusted/sparkle vomit look. I'm leaning most towards the bottom right fabric, of the four shown above. It's a vaguely striped, lovely, silk brocade, which is a little expensive, and I'm on the fence as to whether I should just pull the trigger, or opt for something a bit less costly.

Here are the two other contenders I found online, in the search for something more affordable:

left / right

These alternatives are not cheap, but wouldn't hurt my wallet quite as much. I've ordered swatches of both, and the dotted (right side) fabric looks exactly she same (and pretty!) in person. As for the other fabric (left side), Harts sent me the wrong thing. I'm learning toward taking that as a sign, which, paired with how much I'm actually liking the other fabric, is pointing me toward just snapping up some (of the right side fabric) from Gorgeous Fabrics and being done with the fabric decisions.

To throw a wrench in the works (but a happy one!), silly me forgot that the date of the company holiday party that I'm sewing this dress for is very close to my nephew's anticipated due date (yay!). That means I might be scooting off to California to visit a newborn rather than attending the (sort of) glamorous work party. Either way, I'm going to sew the shit out of this shimmery dress, and, at the very least, wear it out to a nice dinner somewhere!

Stay tuned for an actual sewing update very soon -- I'm onto muslin number three and have some more details to share.


  1. lovely to see you back sue! happy new year!

    1. Thanks! glad to be back in the swing of things

  2. I really can't wait to see this dress! It will be so fun to have in your wardrobe, at the ready for any glamorous occasions that come up! :)

    1. Yes! I think it'll end up the fanciest thing I own :D


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