Sunday, February 12, 2012

Help computer...

So, my laptop has been acting a little funky lately. Going to leave it with my dad, who is a nerdy computer person, for a few days this week to see if he can help get it back in shape...maybe with some updates or something? I don't know, that's not really my area of expertise.

non-sewing-related visual aid

That means there likely won't be much in terms of posting activity going on around here until maybe the weekend -- just a heads up. Perhaps by then, I'll have more Violet details (I finally cut out all my pieces, including underlining, and got the ball rolling on getting this blouse put together - yay!) to share and some more specific questions to throw out there (re: my other upcoming project) about working with doubleknit.

Until then, have a great week and a happy Valentine's Day!

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