Sunday, April 1, 2012

April fools!

But, not really!
No joke: I'm participating in the Seamless Pledge. Wish me luck!

Starting April 1st, for 6 months (a random time frame I came up with), I'm not going to buy any new, mass produced, RTW clothing for myself. If I need to make additions to my wardrobe for whatever reason, I've got to either buy used/vintage or make it myself! (with the exception of underthings - those I might try my hand at making, but will absolutely not be buying used, so I've given myself leeway to purchase new ones if necessary)

As an added bonus(?) my boyfriend has agreed to participate, too. Yay! He doesn't sew, as you may have guessed, though, so I guess that means I'll be carrying the "make it myself" part of the challenge for both of us. :)

I'm hoping this will mean more thrifting and visiting vintage shops, and more sewing! I'm going to focus on the current gaps in my wardrobe and try to anticipate future needs, too. Hopefully I can acquire or create more wardrobe staples for myself, and also weed out what I've currently got that isn't working for me, so I can avoid that "I have NOTHING to wear" feeling I get when staring at my overflowing closet each morning.

Up next? Planning my warmer weather wardrobe (www!). I've determined that at the very least, this will need to include a couple of tops. I'm currently working on Simplicity 3266 (version 3) in a green/white polka-dotted fabric from my stash. This will be my first time working from a vintage pattern, so that's exciting.

More details to come!


  1. Wow what a challenge! I can't wait to see everything u make over the next 6 months :)

    1. I hope I can be as productive as I'd like to be! :)

  2. Good for you! When I first read your post, I though for a second, "Maybe I should try that..." but I think I'm not quite ready yet! I do love sewing as a substitute for shopping though - I'd so much rather spend money and time on sewing something and enjoying the process than try to buy happiness with a new shirt! :)
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I think you should try it, I bet you could do it! You can pick the time frame, so you could start small, like a month, and see what you think. :)

      I hear ya about trying to buy happiness with a new shirt! So many of the pieces in my closet that are now just taking up space and aren't working for me were impulse buys at the mall because I felt like I needed to purchase something to feel good.


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