Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer weddings dress plans

Friends, I have a confession. I'm sorry to say that I sort of disregarded your votes for my wedding guest dress plans. Well, not completely, but...
(Also, I've taken on Kate Gosselin's style of discussing a topic here a little bit, the self interview. Just a heads up.)

I've decided to at least try to make two dresses since I'll be attending two weddings this summer - in early August, actually. And the two patterns I chose from the four I'd had you vote on are:

McCall 4581 and New Look 6910!!!!!!

1958 McCall 4581
New Look 6910 - yes, this photo isn't the highest quality, but is that Sarah Palin??



Next to no one voted for New Look 6910?

That's the part I "disregarded" ...because I want to make it! It's similar to the other NL pattern I'd thrown in the ring for voting, but I like the scoop neckline + princess seams combo. What don't I like? That jacket. I'm pretty sure that's why this baby got very few votes from y'all too. Don't judge a book by it's cover! Or a dress by it's heinous shiny chartreuse jacket! It's what's inside [the jacket] that counts. Ok?

I'm planning to go with a combination of options A and B. I'm thinking full skirt, scoop neck, little sleeves (which I might lengthen a bit). Why would I want sleeves if these weddings are in hot, humid, muggy, gross August? I think it looks better...and maybe they'll help catch the sweat that will be pouring off of me. Oh, and I'm ignoring the little waist detail/belt-y things going on in this pattern -- a bow belt thing might be cute, depending on my fabric choice, but we'll see.
NL 6910 fronts

NL 6910 back

And for fabric choices, I was initially thinking I could use the blue/green rayon challis I'd hoped to make use of in my warmer weather wardrobe plans since it would be nice and breathable and soft and twirly, but now I'm really being drawn to the pink/cream/black color scheme of the fabric (maybe it looks better in person?) I picked up with my livingsocial deal for G. Street Fabrics. I'm kind of torn between the two - they'd create such different looks. If I picked the green/blue rayon, I think I'd want a contrasting belt of some sort to break it up a bit, since it's an allover print...but if I went with the pink/cream/black, I could use the pink pima sateen for the bodice and the Milly spotted (slightly stiff) silk for the skirt. What do you guys think?

blue/green rayon challis abstract floral
rayon closeup


pink pima cotton sateen (matches the pink of the dots on the silk below)

Milly spotted silk - pink/cream/black

As for the vintage McCall's pattern, (the illustration for which also lives in my blog header, in case you  missed that) I think I'm all decided re: pattern + fabric. It was kind of a given for me - I couldn't not choose it! Gillian called me out in the comments on my last post before I could even announce my use white & red fabric! I'll basically be making the dress on the envelope - full, not pencil skirt - with this fabric I'd originally planned to use for a Sencha, but couldn't resist matching up with this dress (after hurrying online to buy extra yardage). It's a kind-of-drapey white rayon shirting with red spots. I was thinking I could finally use my belt kit I got from Sunni's shop over at A Fashionable Stitch to make a coordinating red belt, too...or maybe matching polka dot...?

spotted rayon
As you can see, the skirt I'll be working with here is rather full - that's a lot of fabric!
I've never made a circle skirt, so have nothing to compare it to, but I'm hoping to doing lots of twirling. Such a full skirt makes me wonder if I should try to wear my light pink vintage (very similar to this, but closer to tea length, which is not really my optimal length) crinoline under it, or make a new, smaller crinoline (like Gertie's), OR try Gertie's other full skirt flouncyness solution of lining it with organza for a slight, built-in poof.

instructions illustration
back of pattern envelope

Well, what do you think? Am I on the right track here?

I've actually got three weddings I'll be attending, but the first one is this weekend, so I didn't have the forethought time to sew something up. I did however pick up a simple teal sheath dress from Goodwill that I plan to alter (at the last minute) a tiny bit so I can wear it to this derby day/cinco de mayo/wedding. Planning to go for a teal + red color combo, but I'll share more all about that once I've got photos and such.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Sounds lovely!! I'm partial to the blue/green fabric for the first dress. Planning out party dresses really has to be one of the greater joys in a sew-ers life!!

    1. I agree! It's so fun to think of all the different possibilities and combinations.

  2. I made a circle skirted dress and it's huge! Like whoa! Idk if I would make another. I would probably cut it back to a half circle or something of the like. But if you don't have a full circle one yet you should totally go for it! I think that swirly print fabric would be great for the NL pattern and the other polka dot or circle dot print would be great for the vintage McCalls. I love that McCalls, it's going to be great!

    1. I'm excited (and nervous) to start work on the McCalls! I hope the circle skirt isn't too much...

  3. Oh i love hearing about your dress plans!! I wish I had weddings to go to as well - it's such a perfect excuse to make a pretty dress!! I've never made a circle skirt/dress either (the full skirt thing kind of scares me TBH lol) and frankly, I don't think I could pull it off... but i really like the idea of twirling and I think it looks so pretty on others :).

    I love your pinky peach sateen and that pretty black and pink silk - but that's just me ^__^ I think the dotted rayon will be perfect for your vintage dress - can't wait to see it! Definitely make the belt red, it has to be red.... and red shoes!! :D

    1. Thanks for the advice, Symon! I'm thinking red, too.

  4. Those sound like great plans! I own some of that polka dot fabric too, in periwinkle. I just can't quite figure out what to make with it! It's quite heavy, so I think you are right that it would need a pretty serious crinoline to puff it out!
    I think both of your fabrics would be lovely for the other dress - myself, I'd go for the pink combo, because it would be totally original and really stand out! Party-worthy, for sure! The other one would be a beautiful dress too, but maybe more every-day/nice date? Go big or go home! :)

  5. Both of your planned dresses sound lovely! I'd also go with the Milly spotted silk for the new look, it looks great! And yay for the polka dots! Can't wait to see your finished dresses!

  6. Goodness that McCalls pattern is so good looking!!! Drools!!!
    Hahahhaha at "heinous shiny chartreuse jacket" hahahahha. I try not to be disgusted by the heinous photos that all big pattern companies put on their envelopes :)

    Can't wait to see the dress darling!

  7. Looks like you have some amazing plans dear! Would love if you checked out my Thursday link party or thriftfanatics page (;



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