Monday, August 27, 2012

August's Estate Sale Finds

Passes the cat test

This month, Tom and I went to an estate sale just a few minutes away from our house (they're usually more of a journey). We picked up some fun, new-to-us things, a few of which I thought you all might be interested in. 

Up first, a new computer chair for me. It looks like it's from a mid-century kitchen set, but there was only the one chair. 

mid-century chair ... sparkly!

It's a light gold color with brown and green little criss-cross marks on it and gold and silver sparkles. It's a good little chair... though the seat could use a bit more cushioning. Here it is in it's new habitat.

computer chair

See, we don't have enough space in our computer/sewing room for Tom and I to both have desks and my sewing table and our big bookcase, so I have my fold-out sewing table and a little rolling filing cabinet thing where my laptop lives. I just pull my chair up next to it and type away.

I also picked up a cute 1960s-ish sweater dress and two vintage slips. The only sewing stuff I found at the sale was a little box with some old thread on cardboard spools. I was tempted at first, but then thought... I don't really NEED this, so I put it down (and patted myself on the back for being so responsible). 

sixties sweater dress

The dress is charcoal grey, dark orange (looks light/bright here), and an olive-brown color (also a little darker IRL), with slightly longer than 3/4 length sleeves. It came with this cute little circle brooch on it, which I think should just live on there forever. The dress comes down to a couple inches above the knee and seems like it'll be great with a pair of tights for fall and winter.

Here's a look at the two slips I picked up. I'm not quite sure what I'll end up wearing them with (since they're black - I don't want them to show through my clothes), but we'll see. I couldn't make myself pass them up.

This one has scalloped details at the neckline and hem.

This one has sheer, mesh-backed lace at the bust and hem and a lovely scooped neckline in the front and back.

Also at the estate sale, in the same room with the slips and a lot of other random, slithery, polyester blouses and scratchy pants was this interesting old trunk. I took a peek inside and found an assortment of clothes and other items - some were pieces of a sailor uniform, one was a cute, bright plaid sleeveless summery dress with the original price tag on it, but nothing really tempted me.

Unfortunately, at some point in its life, the inside of the trunk was painted a beige color, perhaps even while all those clothes and things were still in it, and there was crumbly paint on everything inside (and around) it.

neat looking old trunk

Tom got a fancy new camera this week, which is why the trunk picture and the Duke picture actually look good. The others were taken with my sad little camera, but future posts will likely see some better looking photos, hopefully!


  1. Love that sweater dress! Such fabulous colors and you're right, the circle pin is perfect on it :)

    1. Thanks Meg! Now I'm just waiting for the weather to get cool enough for me to wear it. :)

  2. Duke looks quite regal on the new chair!


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