Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finished Project: Sunny Gingham Bow Blouse

So, I finished this blouse on Friday and started wearing it immediately. Did I mention that this blouse pattern is my JAM? Because it is. I love it!

That's right, it's another Simplicity 2154. After making my polka-dotted version, I knew I'd be making more of these babies. It recently struck me that I needed one in gingham...yellow gingham.

my newest Simplicity 2154 blouse - you can see my first version peeking out behind it!

it can be worn with the neckline clasped, or not!

back closeup

It's such a satisfying project to sew up!
  • I love collars
  • it has no zippers or buttonholes (when you omit them, like I do)
  • no sleeves to set in
  • pattern pieces are all set up for you to make self-bias strips to finish the armholes and neckline
  • there's a cute keyhole opening in the back, which is easy to do and looks good!
  • that's all I can think of

back of blouse and collar closeup

The things I did differently for this version of the blouse were to make the collar about an inch smaller, use french seams for the side seams, underline the lightweight poly/cotton gingham with cotton batiste, leave the peek-a-boo opening at the front neckline open at the top to be fastened with a little hook & eye, omitted the bow in the original pattern.

insides, with turned and stitched seams and cute bias strip finished armholes and neckline.

I'm sure there will be move of these bow (or sans bow) blouses popping up around here in the future, but for now I'm dreaming about what I mentioned in my last post. ...and fall/winter sewing in general.

Anise by Colette Patterns

While digging through all of my winter-weight wools and fabric, I found some nice plaid that I'm setting up for a cozy fall/winter skirt. You can spot a few glimpses of it in the background of the last blouse pictures above.

More soon!


  1. Very cute! It looks great without the bow (though I love the bow too). I must remember to make a few of these this fall (I love the skirt from the pattern!).

    Can't wait to see the plaid whipped up!

  2. This pattern is so cute :) And your version makes me crave something in gingham for myself!
    Really such a cute pattern :)

  3. Very sweet! It looks lovely, the collar is a nice shape and I love how it fastens too.

  4. It looks adorable! The collar is really lovely.

  5. What a fabulous sunshine top! It will definitely look fabulous underneath your Anise jacket, I'm sure :)

  6. How cute is this?! It's so you! Great fabric choice!

  7. Gush! It's such a sweet make, and lovely also without the bow. I love this pattern too and am contemplating my next one ...this weekend perhaps. Lovely use of gingham in such a bright fresh colour ...

  8. That is very, very cute! After reading about your first one and your leaving out the zipper, I was curious to see if you did the same with your next one. I'm glad to know it works without a zipper. I'm going to buy this pattern next time I head out for sewing supplies!

  9. I love this!! The pattern is so cute and I love the material you used!! Great to get more then one use and style out of a pattern! XxxX


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