Sunday, September 23, 2012

Stripe /plaid Matching...


This is the plaid skirt I'm currently working on. I'd thought I knew what I was getting myself into with a skirt that has many seams (it seems!) and lots of plaid to match up. What I didn't realize before cutting into this plaid wool from my stash is that the repeat of this plaid is...rectangular? The plaid pattern is not made up of I'm trying to match it up like I would stripes, as best I can... without losing my mind.

Flaunting my plaid-matching mistakes

I'm sure I could actually match it up just right (right?) if I just kept trying...meticulously, but I am at the point where I will honestly still find the thing cute and wearable even if the stripes/plaids aren't matched's just a SKIRT, not an evening gown. Right?
It seems like I was only able to make the lines come together in a chevron-y way ...mostly. Then, they mysteriously stop matching up exactly right, part way through.

chevron-y matching...kinda

Perhaps this has nothing to do with the shape of the repeating plaid pattern, but whatever. I'm only a perfectionist about certain things, and I guess I'm ok with this not being perfect.

Consider this my disclaimer for when I actually share the finished project. :)


  1. That chevron-ey matching looks good!
    Don;'t be too hard on your self, I think it looks great :)

  2. This looks pretty dang great! But gosh, what a headache! Love the beautiful fall colors, though!

  3. Def going to be cute....but I feel your painstaking's one thing I hate, matching stripes and look like you're becoming an expert!

  4. I think the chevron looks pretty good and I don't think you could get it any better - I say blame the fabric! :)

  5. I think it looks bang on - this might be one of those projects that you need to give your eyes a break on - you might be examining it TOO closely! Can't wait to see it!

  6. I think it looks great and will make a really nice fall skirt. The plaid is matched well enough that I don't think I would have noticed anything off if you hadn't pointed it out.

  7. Thanks for the moral support, ladies! Hopefully, I'll be finishing up this skirt during the coming weekend. :)

  8. This is looking great!! I'm just like you and I'd spend hours and unpick a million times just to make sure the pattern matches up completely! You've done a fab job! Looking forward to seeing the final result! XxxX

  9. oh gosh. i hate matching plaid! it's the worst ever. you did great though!


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