Thursday, December 6, 2012

A little meetup...

As I briefly mentioned in my previous post, I went to a mid-Atlantic sewing blogger meetup over the weekend. Lisa of As I Said organized the get together and Robin of A Little Sewing hosted us for a swap and meet-n-greet at her house before we shopped at G. Street Fabrics in Rockville, MD.

The whole group! - image courtesy of Robin (Robin has listed and linked to everyone in her post)

It was a great time and, in addition to the lovely company, there was SO MUCH fabric to look at and SO MANY patterns to browse through. It was a little bit mind-boggling.  You can see the huge table that was covered in fabric - I think this is what was left over after we went crazy and filled our bags with everything we could manage, giggling to each other and making little piles of our finds around Robin's house to stash them out of the way.  As much fabric as there was, I think there was probably just as many patterns, or maybe even more.

Another image, courtesy of Robin, of the bounty we got to dig through. This was just a fraction of the total patterns we ended up piling up onto that table for the swap.

And what did I manage to snap up during the lovely chaotic scramble to look at every piece of fabric and every pattern? Honestly, I kind of restrained myself, considering the damage I could have done. I mainly focused on patterns, grabbing everything that looked cute, even if it wasn't my size. I'm not sure just how I'll use them all, but here is a peek at some of what I brought home with me from the swap and following shopping trip to G. Street Fabrics.

The emeralad green pima cotton sateen as well as the cute purple/orange/brown print next to it were snagged at G. Street, but everything else came from the swap. The other two fabrics are a deep purple, drapey peachskin(?) and a slightly shimmery silvery grey rayon. I don't have distinct plans for these items just yet, but it was thrilling to pick them out!

I think I can say my first sewing blogger meetup was a success. Here's hoping for another meetup soon! Maybe one in the spring? One can hope... :)

Have any of you ever gone to a sewing blogger meetup?


  1. How fun! I have done a few meetups since I'm in NYC and we have so many visitors, and they're always so much fun!

    1. You NYC bloggers are so lucky to be in such a great location for fabric shopping and blogger meet ups! Maybe someday I'll make the trip up there... There was talk of our mid-Atlantic group making a pilgrimage in the future. :)

  2. How cool! I used to live in Rockville - how I miss G Street! Their button selection alone is to die for, though much of my stash comes from the $3.99/yd miscellaneous table.

  3. Look at all those patterns! I'm drooling just looking at the pictures...I don't know how you only walked away with those!

  4. ooh ooh - blogger meetups are such FUN! And i'm loving the Butterick belladonna evening gown pattern on the far left :) Some lovely fabrics too!


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