Saturday, July 6, 2013

I spy...

I've got a few projects in the works right now. This weekend I did some research at Anthropologie and inspected a top that I want to recreate, got some fabric from Mood for the job (did you know they mail your orders wrapped in a Mood shopping bag?! Now I can re-use the bag and causally flaunt it all over the place - yes!),  cut out  a new dress project, started working on a Laurel top for my friend (after seeing my rayon print version, she wanted one for herself), and did some thrifting at Goodwill, where I scored these adorable 1960s pajamas.

The PJ's are Co-Jamas by Cohler, size 36 - just my size! I paid a whopping $6 for them, and think they are awesome! As I tried to show in the photos, they've got high-waisted pants with little pleats in front and back, instead of darts, and the length of the pants is cropped/capri-length. There is an opening on the left side that is closed by an adjustable button tab that is surprisingly comfortable. Did I mention that the fabric is super cute, too? It's got light blue tulips, some medium & darker blue strawberries, dark blue butterflies, plants, and bees, and little French words. I'm in love.


  1. Ahhhh! Those jammies are adorable! What a score!

  2. Too cute for words! Loving your jimjams!

  3. Very cute! Can't wait to see the finished WIPs! :)

  4. Nice jammies! I love "researching" at Anthropologie for sewing ideas :)

    1. Me too! I bring a measuring tape and notebook into the dressing room with me :)

  5. Those PJs are super adorable! Love them!


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