Sunday, October 20, 2013


This month I've been a little bit all over the place. Tom is traveling for work which has thrown off my weekly routine slightly. I've found myself splitting my focus between what feels like a million things.

  • For one, new vintage. I recently got a cute '50s navy suit jacket on Etsy that just needs the gold-painted dark glass buttons re-attached. Of course the simplest mending is what takes the longest to make yourself complete. 

  • I went to my first official rummage sale this weekend. It's actually the same sale Sam from Fluffyland just posted about. As you can see from her photos (I always forget to take photos), it was huge and, for me, a bit overwhelming. I'd hoped there would be more sewing supplies, but apart from fabric, it was slim pickings for vintage lovers in that department. The fabric table(s), however, were covered in piles of cute cuts of fabric, all neatly labeled and bundled up. But, I manged to resist adding to my already-huge stash. At the end of the morning, I walked away with a cute, wool Sacks Fifth Avenue 2-piece dress from the "vintage" rack in the clothing room, and an '80s spotted red bow blouse.  

  • I also had some good luck thrifting this weekend, bringing home some vintage sleep/lounge wear and snuggley cashmere sweaters.

  • I've still been stalling, paralyzed with indecision (and distracted by other projects!) on just what cuffs to add to my green Pilgrim Peony.

  • Duke is pretty into my new shoes, which I recently wore with my latest project. I've managed to sew up another Peony dress in the Orange linen blend I'd mentioned, but am still working on getting some good photos. 

  • I told you all I was moving on from my Laurel obsession, but it just so happens that a friend at work saw my navy & white speckled version and then went and found the cutest fabric so I can make one for her. Apparently the fixation is contagious. :)  I stitched together the wearable muslin for her in an evening, using some very cute pink/orange/purple striped fabric of hers. After she wore it around the house a couple of times, she told me what needed adjusting and I've made alterations to the pattern pieces. It's such a simple dress that I think it will be ok to just take it in where she's told me, and cross my fingers that everything else fits in the final version.  The final dress will be in the white/blue/green/purple zig-zag/herringbone print (above) and we're adding in-seam pockets, mid-length sleeves with the RUFFLE option. I'm so excited to have the finished product -- those sleeves are just going to be adorable. I'll make sure to get at least some photos to share once it's ready.

  • I found out this month that one of my best friends is going to be having a baby girl in late February. I started looking at Oliver + S patterns (adorable), but am hoping to find some other options, too. Baby clothes seem so fun and quick to sew. Any recommendations?

That's all for me. What have you all been up to this month? 

Is anyone sewing their Halloween costume? 

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  1. Wow!! What a productive month! I'm super excited to see your friends laurel - I think it's going to be fantastic with the ruffly sleeves!


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