Friday, October 25, 2013

Orange is the new black...

Right? calls this color "carrot" but I say it's more like convict. Or maybe traffic cone. I'd hoped for something a bit more on the "burnt orange" end of things, but the fabric turned out very vibrant and brighter than I'd expected. Fall does seem like an appropriate season for bright, rich colors, though, so I think I'll just run with it.

This is my second ever Peony. It's not perfect, but it's already been worn more than my first version has, to be completely honest.

I cut a size smaller than my first Peony and did not underline the fabric, either. I really like the weight and feel of the orange linen blend I used. I think I could wear this dress from spring through fall without issue. For this version, I replaced the facing pattern pieces with matching bias tape that I just happened to find at JoAnn's, where I also got the perfectly matching zipper.

I even used matching piping at the waistline. From JoAnn's too? Kind of.  I grabbed a half package of red piping I'd had laying around, likely purchased at JoAnn's, and just straight up covered it in orange bias strips I'd cut from my fashion fabric... and it worked!

I did run into a little bit of a snag or two with the zipper and the piping all meeting up at the center back of the dress. It's not the prettiest finish, but maybe next time I'll get it right. On top of that, I could have sworn I was inserting the zipper as a centered lapped zip, but it's definitely uneven and off center with the opening. Oh well, again! It's still perfectly functional. 

I had a fun time working on this Peony. I'd originally planned to line it, but opted not to as I just wasn't feeling it when the time came to actually do it.  I'd also envisioned myself pairing it with a cozy cardigan or sweater in colder weeks, but the sometimes-gaping boat neckline just totally bunches whenever anything is layered over it. Le sigh.  I do like the '60s vibe of this dress and am still planning to make another version at some point.


  1. Who cares about the gape! Wear it with a cardigan anywho. Just tell people you designed it to do that lol. That's what I do with my one dress haha

  2. I always love what you make :) the piping is a great touch-I've never used piping before but I want to! You could pair this with loads of colours. Really pretty :D

  3. I love the orange!! I always want to wear it but it clashes horribly with my red hair, haha! Anyway, really cute dress. :)

  4. Wow that is bright! :) very cute

  5. The style looks great on you and I really like the fabric!

  6. Me likey the orange!! I don't think you look like a convict or traffic cone at all haha. Which reminds me, my sister saw me wearing a bright pink tee shirt once and said I looked like a "hi-lighter".
    I think this shade of orange suits your skin tone. Really love the piping!!!

  7. Great dress! I really the piping at the waist. It's amazing how little details like that add so much, especially on a dress that is a solid colour.
    Orange is my favorite colour and I especially love orange when it bright and saturated like this.
    It's so nice to see you embracing this beautiful colour. I think a lot of people are too afraid of colour!


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