Thursday, November 28, 2013

Updates & a Sneak Peek!

It's Thanksgiving for all of us in America today, so I figured it's as good a time as any to catch up and share some updates! It's been a few weeks (ok, almost a month) since my previous post, which is not usually how I roll, but... it happens.

My photographer is in Arizona (miss you!) for the holiday, but I've got a few iphone shots of my latest project, the Chardon skirt by Deer & Doe.

I used a black organic cotton from for my first version of this skirt, figuring that would make for a nice, safe, wearable muslin, and it did. I cut out my size based on the measurements and the finished product fit great without any alterations needed, even the length is just right. Thank you, independent pattern companies for sizing that makes sense! The whole pattern came together pretty easily, however, as someone who's never made & attached belt loops for a garment before, I'd have appreciated a bit more thoroughness in the instructions there. I kind of winged it but managed just fine in the end.  I used bright, spotted, swishy, mystery fabric from my stash to add a self-drafted (read: Jerry-rigged) lining to the skirt and to make the pockets. There's also a hidden pop of red on the hem facing with some bright bias tape I used there.

contrasting pockets!


I've worn this skirt to work since having completed it and got lots of comments and compliments (but forgot to get any photos). Several people who know I sew asked if I'd made it -- in a good way, not in a 'that looks ...crafty' way -- and my one friend was just so tickled by the idea that I sewed something that has belt loops -- and so am I! Here's how I styled the skirt for its first outing into the wild.


 sweater -- vintage, Bobbie Brooks
belt -- Target
skirt -- Chardon!

I paired it with a leopard print belt -- love leopard! And tucked a short sleeved cashmere sweater into it. I love finding really wearable vintage pieces, like this recently-thrifted sweater, that are so easy to mix and match with other pieces in my wardrobe, and don't make me feel costumey.

I'll try to do an actual photo shoot once Tom returns, so you can see this piece in action. It's really a great basic skirt that seems to go with everything!

Now, how has such a simple skirt kept me busy for nearly a month? Well, it's not the only thing. I've also been working on two dresses (at the same time!) that I'm sewing to wear to my sister's rehearsal dinner and wedding. After a short, exciting engagement, she'll be married in mid January. While she's furiously planning and scheduling and organizing, I've got some serious sewing to do! I'll share more progress (and hopefully finished!) details and photos of the new wedding guest dresses in the next few weeks.

I've also been working on something secret that has been so exciting and a bit time consuming. I can't give away anything too specific yet, but this is one little clue I can share: 

clue to my new mysterious project!

Call me 'Colette Patterns,' because this sneak peek is rather mysterious, I'd like to think! Gotta love them, but I find their previews of upcoming patterns (like this) and projects are so dang vague, you've basically got nothing to go on! Aaahh, the anticipation! Haha, let's see if any of you can guess what secret plans I'm up to.

Anyway, I'm off to finish up the sweet potato casserole for the big feast this evening. Don't mind me in my Carrot Peony and little vintage apron. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!


  1. I bought the Chardon pattern this evening! Love your version, and the gorgeous colour combination.

  2. Yay, your skirt will be so versatile! It's lovely and I like they way you've styled it. You tease, I've no idea what your secret project is. Haha.

  3. Lovely skirt, it goes great with the top and belt.

  4. Oooo - your black skirt is so lovely, and the outfit options are endless, such a great wardrobe staple! Loving the colourful pockets too. And your comment about being Colette Patterns due to your mysteriousness made me laugh - I thought the exact same (just show us the flippin new patterns already!)! As for your clue, but it sounds exciting, and your Sewin' Steady stamp is v cute!

  5. Didn't fancy the pattern until I saw yours, great for work. I'm wondering what length you went for.

    1. Thanks! I agree it is a great skirt for work. I made the longer of the 3 variations.


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