Saturday, January 11, 2014

Archer, Schmarcher.

December was unofficially Archer Faux-preciation Month over here at Sewin' Steady. Ha. Okay, there was no sewalong nor cute blogger button. There weren't even any actual Archers... or much sewing to speak of, really.

There was, however, a lot of purchasing of RTW button-down Archer wanna-be's. I really do appreciate the Archer. But, 99% of my Christmas shopping this year was done from my computer and, with every few clicks of my mouse to purchase gifts for family and friends, there was a click or two to purchase something for myself. Because, SALES. Oh, and plaid. There was lot of plaid to choose from, which I now realize is like drugs for someone like me.

But, come on. Sometimes you just can't sew everything you want to wear, even if, well, yes... you totally could, in this case, but there's just something inexplicably holding you back. That was me during the entire month dedicated to stitching up the only pattern I actually wanted to sew and wear. Le sigh. I will be sewing an Archer eventually, don't you worry.

As for the root (or one of the roots) of the problem, though. I've noticed this late fall and early winter that it seems the colder the temps get, the fewer vintage and vintage-inspired, girly outfits I find myself wearing and reaching for in my closet, and the more modern, even tom-boy-ish pieces I end up wearing over and over, like a uniform. 

Lately, my daily outfits have consisted of essentially a combination of the following (with the occasional cardigan or non-plaid button-down, or boat-neck 3/4 sleeve shirt from Target swapped in).

heeled brown boots: by Fossil, can't find exact link -- mine are similar to pictured, but are like this, only red-ish brown
riding boots: by Bandolino
red plaid shirt: Red Tartan Popover, by j. crew 

What about you all? Do you find yourself drifting away from the girly side of your style during colder months? Did button-downs and boots (with warm socks!) take over your life like they have mine?

P.S. Don't forget to enter my vintage sewing jackpot giveaway (because, I'll always love vintage even if the weather prevents me from wearing it as much) by the end of the day tomorrow!


  1. Love your blog!

  2. I can't decide if my recent turn towards more pants & "current" tops over my dresses is because my style is shifting, or because of winter... I guess we'll see when spring comes! I'm going to take a look at these jcrew shirts and see if I can hack my archer to look more like them - they seem a little more fitted.

    1. I can't say for sure if they are more fitted... as I've not made an Archer (poor me). I am really into the fact that the popover (red one) only buttons half way down the front before the placket ends...makes for happier layering. Not sure how simple that would be to implement in a hack.

  3. Winter most definitely cramps my style. I've been living in jeans and flannels with boots. We had -20s here last week and I most certainly did not feel like wearing anything but long sleeves, jeans, and boot socks.


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