Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Just thought I'd pop in to gush about some vintage patterns I scored today. I've made a habit of checking Craigslist's for-sale section for sewing supplies, pretty much daily...just in case! I've had a couple of great successes recently (more to come on the other one soon), and today I managed to get a bag of around 30 patterns from various decades (for 10 bucks) from a girl who was cleaning out her sewing room. Half of them are vintage patterns from the late '60s and '70s and most of them happen to be about my size, yay!

Vintage patterns!!
They are so fun to look at and imagine the person who originially owned them. A chunk of them are a similar type of dress, with slightly different variations, are the same size, and seem to be from the '60s/'70s, leading me to believe that one person owned them and passed them on to the girl I got them from. Maybe that's just ignoring other, less special-sounding possibilities, but that's what I'm going with! Here are my two favorites:

The style of the pattern illustration for this skirt pattern is so cute and retro and I just love it, even though it's pretty simple.

This looks like something I'd totally wear -- and look at the adorable hair styles on those girls!
The rest of the non-vintage patterns in the lot were mainly from the '90s/now and are a little less exciting. About half of those were not really to my taste, but the other half-ish were pretty basic/classic and I could definitely get some use out of them. Definitely feel like I got my money's worth! Now I really have no excuse to keep avoiding sewing up something from a vintage pattern.

That's all for now. I'll have more details on my current sewing project along with more newly acquired sewing goodies soon!


  1. That pattern of orange & green & plaid separates looks so familiar... I made many outfits like that back in the day. What a fun find and a bargain too!

    1. I was really drawn to that separates pattern. It looks like stuff I'd want to buy if I saw the pieces in a store. I love plaid, but I've been too scared to sew anything with it yet for fear of all the matching up of lines I'd have to do.


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