Monday, February 27, 2012

February finds

Earlier this month, I hit up one of my favorite antique stores in the area. This place has got a little bit of everything, including a great clothing selection with a good amount of guys' stuff, too. The prices are fairly reasonable, could be a little lower on some things, but the huge variety and selection makes up for any of that, in my opinion.

This time I was able to pick up a few goodies that I'm pretty excited about. Up first, a cute little sweater/top I found. The high neckline and little collar seemed so sixties to me. It had it's original tags, (proclaiming its 100% nylon content) which is always a plus.

Me, trying to make this outfit look as wrinkly and bunchy as possible, apparently! (Look just to the right, at the corner of the door/window behind me. Duke says "hi!" - you can kind of see his pink collar to help spot him.)
Here's what it looks like when the model is not hunching forward!

And from the back - there's a little zip, too.
The other piece of clothing I was able to snatch up is also a '60s sweater. This one is a soft acrylic cardigan with a cute pattern ( that the right word for it? I don't know knitting terminology, yet!) that's slightly sheer on the front. I love the look of this one, with the high neckline, shorter long-sleeve length, and yarn covered buttons.

Love this light blue!

Yarn-covered buttons.
Once I finally learn to knit, and am ready for a sweater, I want to make something like this!
But, wait you guys, there's more. I didn't just pick up clothes; I found this adorable 1960 Vogue pattern, too! It's got my favorite collar type (peter pan, y'all!), and at first glance just looks like a regular old blouse. However, this baby includes a waistband, so it's actually kind of like a little jacket. One version even has a little bow at the waistband! I adore the pattern illustration on this one, but for some reason, I keep picturing this little jacket thing in purple, with a matching pencil skirt (maybe Jenny, finally?).

Vogue 9961
In other news, there is an a-mazing giveaway going on over at lady danburry's Thinking in Shapes. This girl sews amazing things available in her store, for example these denim trousers!

lady danburry denim trousers - I WANT!
But, yes, back to the giveaway! This skilled seamstress has created a beautiful Mad Men inspired dress that she's offering as a prize (in two sizes! 2 & 8) you could win by simply commenting on her post. She'll be choosing two winners on Friday, March 2nd. Did I mention this lady is seriously talented? Check out the neckline on this dress, and the shaping darts for an hourglass silhouette. Simply lovely. Now get on over to her blog.

You could win this Mad Men inspired dress by lady danburry!


  1. What a cute sweater - I love the pointed collar in the back. Your finds are fantastic - I am terrible at thrifting for clothes. Meaning, I don't really do it (home stuff, on the other hand...). In NYC stuff is pretty picked over, though.

    1. I really love the back of the collar, too! I was literally giddy when I found this top.

      Thrifting for clothes can really be hit or miss sometimes, so I definitely get excited when I find something good. :)

      I've found that thrifting in some cities I've visited, though known for their great vintage/thrift shops, have not been as successful as when I go to antique and thrift stores in more rural areas. Things seem less picked over out there and less expensive usually, too!

  2. What great finds! I really love the greeny/yellow colour of that first top on you - it compliments your hair and skin tone wonderfully! Also, great pattern find and I too am in love with Lady Danburry's jeans! Gorgeous.

  3. You found such cute things! I live in a small town with just two tiny thrift stores... and though I sort through them regularly, I rarely find anything worthwhile! Still, there's always the thrill of the hunt!

  4. Lovely finds! great pattern - am also a fan of the Peter Pan collar.

  5. I like all your photos. Its best timing photography. This all dress fabric is good and amazing as well as I like light blue sweater so much.

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