Thursday, March 1, 2012

Put a little spring in your step

So, maybe by now you can tell I'm a big fan of blogland giveaways - who doesn't like the chance to win something special? Well, it's officially March now and I'm very ready for spring to be here. In the spirit of a fresh season, I've found another giveaway I wanted to share with you all.
Dottie Adele - heart-shaped waistband skirts
Valerie over at Threads & Thoughts & Things I Love, and sewist/designer behind the shop Dottie Adele, is taking a little survey to see what everyone's got in mind for their spring wardrobes. I know I'm personally excited for some bright patterns, colorful florals, and twirly skirts (and a green Joan dress)!

Just complete the survey over on her blog and leave a comment saying you've done so. This will enter you in her awesome giveaway. If you win, I'll be very jealous and you'll get one of the many marvelous pieces from her Etsy store, ($50 dollar value or less) custom made for you by the adorable, talented Valerie! Can't beat that, can ya!

Now hop on over to her blog, pick out your favorite piece in her store, and get ready for Spring. :)

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  1. Sue , if you love giveaways, check out this I've got 5 different collections up for grabs.
    BTW - I've also joined the Mad Men challenge - really looking forward to seeing the results.


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