Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday blues

I know it's Superbowl Sunday (go Giants! - only because I have a crush on Eli), which at the very least for me means that later today I'll be able to eat a LOT of junk food in mixed company without anyone really judging me. (I'm so over that 'eat healthier' New Year's resolution.) And, maybe on this particular Sunday, it so happens that I've also already eaten a sizable bowl of coffee ice cream with freshly baked, gooey chocolate chip cookies mixed in. But, regardless of all this happy food time, I'm not feeling super happy -- it's still Sunday; work beckons tomorrow, and today did not pan out as I'd hoped. I think I've got a case of the blues. Feeling lazy, mopey, and unmotivated.

So, on the off chance that anyone else is in the same grumpy Sunday boat as me, here are some images to cheer us up (click the links to see my Pinterest board, which will lead you to the image sources - I'm sorry I'm this ridiculously lazy :-/). Enjoy! Oh, and if you don't like animals, don't bother scrolling down.

Wistful. This was me this damp grey morning. 

I really should have been doing something like this with my time today.

But, I was basically only able to act like this all day. Blah.

At least, at the Superbowl party I'm attending later today, I can do something more along these lines. 

So, I should get hyped and stay positive!

Because, really, how could I consider being grumpy when I know this baby llama exists somewhere?

P.S. I promise I'll have a Violet update soon. I ordered the batiste to underline the Swiss dot. I'll share more on that front once the fabric arrives and I can get to sewing!

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