Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Swiss dot considerations

Okay, I'm not stalling on my Violet project, I promise! I just have to figure something out before I cut my fabric and really dive in. The fabric I chose for my adventures in Violet-making is ...you'll never guess...polka dotted. White and green swiss dot, actually. It is lightweight and rather sheer and I'd figured I'd end up wearing an undershirt of some sort with the finished product.

Poorly lit vintage swiss dot & little vintage clear buttons.
another fabric shot?
After seeing this and then lladybird's underlined swiss dot Violet today, I started to doubt my plan. I think I need to underline this baby...but with what? I'm not sure if I have enough fabric to underline with the swiss dot and I'm not even sure if that would be a good idea. The dots would surely show through and could potentially look odd. I don't have anything else white and lightweight, though. Any recommendations? Cotton batiste? Bah, I don't know! (Okay maybe I'm allowing myself to be paralyzed by indecision a little bit here...not purposely stalling, per se.)


  1. Sue, I clicked on your link for batiste and was floored to see Vogue Fabrics come up! Vogue was my go-to fabric store when I was your age, it was just a few minutes from our place in Evanston. Back in my day it was a cool if old-fashioned store. I went in when we were in Evanston last August and now it seems pretty out of date as a store (I don't think they've remodeled much since it opened) but their online fabrics are still probably great!

    1. How cool! I got the batiste but it's actually my first purchase from Vogue Fabrics. They come up in search results when I google a certain fabric I want, but that's all I know...


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