Saturday, July 14, 2012

Progress & plans

Firstly, thank you all for your cheery, supportive comments on my 6 month bloggiversary post!

And, to the five lucky winners of my giveaway, just a heads up that your prizes are officially in the mail and on their way to your doorsteps!

Now, on to the sewing talk. It's been a little while since I've shared my progress with you all for my current project. I'm working on the second wedding guest dress I'd planned to make. If you recall, I decided to go with the red/white spotted rayon and vintage McCall 4581.

In case you were wondering about my sketching skillz...I think they speak for themselves.

It all sounded great and I was excited to get started, but when I finally did I was kind of like... meh. Perhaps this project fell victim to my tendency to over-plan things, but somewhere along the line it lost the excitement and just didn't seem right! I forged ahead, telling myself that I'd like it more and more once I saw the dress underway, and started to make a (hopefully) wearable muslin out of some thrifted fabric. I thought I could make the top part of the circle skirt to test the waist measurement on the pattern, in addition to sewing up the bodice, and end up with a cute blouse with a peplum. Something along these lines:

top with peplum -

Well, I had a few issues constructing the bodice, though the fit was actually just right, and by the time I had the thing mostly put together I realized it just wasn't for me! Boo, right? Well, after being disappointed, it was actually a relief to know that I didn't have to force myself to make it! I love the spotted fabric I'm going to use for the final dress and I decided I'd be happy going with a simpler bodice, keeping the circle skirt, and making something a little more laid back and easy to wear.

Here's what my muslin/top ended up looking like:

peplum top/muslin

The left side of the bodice turned out ok, but the right side is all bunchy and weird.

I probably should have traced the stitching line (that's why it's there!) from the pattern onto the cut fabric, but I didn't want to! That ended up making it rather difficult for me when trying to attach the sleeve thingy to the bodice and keeping the little cut-out things the same size/shape on each side. It just wasn't really fun and I wasn't in love with the look anyway.

Since I've thrown out this plan for something simpler, I decided to go with a dress bodice already in my stash, McCall 5845 , which I'll pair with the circle skirt from the vintage pattern. I might even opt to add the bow belt shown.

I've sewn this pattern up once before, pre-blog, and promptly abandoned it once I put in the zipper and realized the dress was too big. Based on that experience, I've got a few adjustments I'm planning to make this time around, but you'll just have to wait and see how it all comes together. Hopefully I'll have it sewn up in time to wear to the wedding - eeek! More details soon.


  1. Oh, the McCall's pattern will be really cute on you! The squared neckline in the back is a nice detail, and the bow belt will be super cute! It's probably a good idea to move on when you don't like something-- you don't want to waste fabric and time on a dress that you'll never wear.

  2. I think it's a good thing to make things that aren't quite right sometimes (it's the only way to learn more about what works for you) and smart move to make it as a wearable muslin.
    I think the polka dots will look gorgeous with the circle skirt and that mccalls bodice. I have been wanting to try out McCall 5845. The bodice has kind of a simple timeless look!

  3. I kinda hate (but am always relieved) when this happens. For me, it's the fact that I fall in love with a specific look, knowing in my heart of hearts that it's not a style that's going to look good on my body. And yet, I plunge ahead bullheadedly with a muslin (as I've learned that they are of the utmost importance when Sewin' 4 Realz) only to try it on and suddenly (re)realize that indeed, it is not a style for me.

    This peplum top might be cute without sleeves though... just sayin'.

  4. At least you realized it at the muslin stage :) I guess it's all part of the process. Good job on walking away and starting something else!

  5. Its always good to figure that out at the muslin stage. But I have to admit that I LOVED that vintage pattern!! And the peplum top is a no-go as well? Boo. Well I can't wait to see what you do with the new McCall's. I love the spotty rayon, anything you make with it will be darling!

    1. I know, I was disappointed too. I'll have to revisit the vintage McCall sometime and see if I can make it work. :-/

  6. Oh bummer. But at least your cute red dots are safe for another go! Can't wait to see the new dress!

  7. Hi,

    You're a constant inspiration to me. I gave up sewing years ago cos it is so disappointing when something doesn't work out. I used to choose the wrong kind of fabric for a project ? I recently found that I was totally buying the wrong pattern size!
    I'm back sewing again still struggling with things like zippers and professional finishing but I'm being more patient with myself and not beating myself up when things don't quite work out.

    Been meaning to comment for ages as I love your blog !


  8. I think your muslin turned out cute, I love the peplum! :) Good luck with your next plan!

  9. What a fabulous idea, the blouse is looking very cute!


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