Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On my sewing table...

Currently on my sewing table is the green/blue (look how green it looks above and how blue below!) rayon challis that I've been meaning to use forever, Simplicity 4986 (a birthday present to myself), and Tom's birthday shirt (finished but still awaiting fitting adjustments...so not really finished).

I got Tom's shirt all sewn up, and then ready to alter once he got back home from his birthday trip, and then decided to just pause for a moment and START cutting out my next project, a wrap dress I've been dying to make ever since I first laid eyes on it. Of course I had to make things a little bit more complicated by not making a muslin (it's a wrap dress, it's ADJUSTABLE!), and using soft, drapey, lightweight rayon that isn't as easy to work with as cotton, oh and self-lining the bodice. Oops. (Another "oops?," while writing this I managed to consume an entire one of these, single-handedly.)

Now I've gotten (read: struggled) half-way through the dress and Tom's shirt is still waiting. Why isn't anything as fast or as easy as I envision it?

Hopefully  next time you hear from me, one of these, if not both, will be done for real!


  1. I really dig the Simplicity 4986, can't wait to see it made up and worn!! So cute!!!!!

    1. Me too! I plan to make a few versions if everything works out

  2. I find it sooo frustrating how difficult it can be to photograph blues and greens sometimes :\
    That wrap dress pattern is super-dreamy. And that looks YUM!! I'm not surprised you ate the whole thing ;)

  3. Nothing ever comes together as quickly as we hope... I am looking forward to seeing that challis whipped up though. The pattern you picked looks perfect!

  4. A fullskirted wrap dress sounds lovely- I really want to see this made!

  5. Ha! I totally know that feeling. Also you just totally made me hungry... is it lunch time?? Love the challis - its such a nice fabric...

  6. Wow, what an extemely cute wrap-dress pattern! :D
    Good luck with finishing it!

  7. This dress is going to be way cute! And good luck with Tom's shirt alterations! It looks great!


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