Thursday, November 29, 2012

What next?

Are you doing or planning to do any holiday gift-making/sewing? I don't currently have plans to be sewing up any festive dresses for holiday celebrations yet this year, but I do plan to do little bit of secret gift-making, which means you won't be seeing any of it until around January.

Until then, I'm trying to figure out what relatively un-complicated project for myself I should start next. I did some digging through my sewing area last weekend and pulled out these fabrics and patterns - some new-ish, some not so new.

If I make the blouse, I think I'd opt for version D - all 1 fabric, no pin-tucks or ruffles, and actually omit the sleeves, for easier layering. I have no idea if I'll use that cute Liberty lawn for it at this point, but I threw it in the picture for kicks.

The dress is one I've been wanting to make in some sort of cozy fabric, the collared version in particular. I just recently saw Nina's adorable version made up in a pretty wool crepe and I know Nicole Needles has made one too (I just can't seem to find it right now). I've got this red/white hounds-tooth flannel, which would definitely be soft and cozy, but could also be a little bit odd. Have you ever sewn a flannel dress? Or flannel ...anything other than pajamas?

I'll probably just see where inspiration takes me and end up making a split-second decision right before I grab everything and start cutting (sounds wise, no?) -- but I'd love to hear what you all think, too. I'm a little bit afraid to plan anything out too much, because I've found I sometimes start to lose interest if everything is all pre-set when I start something new.


  1. I have that blouse pattern and I'll be interested to see if you have more luck with the collar than I did. I just cannot get it to sit right!

  2. Oh! That dress pattern is so sweet! I've been toying with the idea of a flannel dress myself, but I felt like lining it might be weird and it would stick to tights like crazy... hmmm... I recently made a flannel blouse with a Peter Pan collar and I LOVE it! Flannel is so nice to wear!

  3. Good on you for making chrissy gifts!!! I had a thought this morning that I might go on sewing break over Xmas and NY and get back into it in 2013 all fresh!!

  4. I'm going to try and sew all through my xmas break, and might try to make something for my mum, but unsure how to suprise her with it as I'll need her measurements haha

  5. That's funny, I think that happens to me to, if everything is already decided upon in advance I somehow feel like it's already done, even if it's still folded up and sitting in my stash :)

  6. Hi! I just made a flannel scout tee, and it was easy to work with... but surprisingly chilly in the end, since the threads are so loosely woven! (Also, with the loose style, drafts come in from the bottom.) It is soft and cosy though, and nice to wear.


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