Monday, May 6, 2013

MMM Week 1

MMM Week 1 - Wednesday thru Sunday

Hello, there! How was your first week of Me-Made-May 2013?

Mine was pretty good. I was rather pleased with my first two outfits (Wednesday & Thursday), because they were both things I don't usually turn to - my blue ginger skirt, and my green-dyed eyelet dress.

Friday, my day off, was a little bit of a stretch because I really only had 1 thing I wanted to wear around the house for doing errands and chores. It's an un-blogged, XXXL men's t-shirt that I turned into a 1/2 sleeve, fitted t-shirt. It's nothing remarkable, and I just used zig-zag stitch for taking in all of the seams and neckline.

Saturday, my other day off, I wore my freshly completed Laurel top. We went to the antiques fair that comes to town every other month or so, and I ditched the cardigan for that. Funny, because the only thing I managed to buy there was another cardigan.

Sunday, back to work, I wore my collared, raglan sleeve double-knit top. It's a good go-to piece because it's comfortable (and cozy in my frequently cold office).

I have to say, it's easier to take my daily photo in the huge, floor-length mirror in our office bathroom than it is in my teeny, tiny "full length" sewing space mirror (the only one at home that I can get any amount of light near, which was still a bit crappy). Hopefully I'll come up with a better at home, self-portrait spot.

Anyway, on to Me-Made-May week 2!


  1. This is such a gorgeous selection of outfits! Really great stuff!

  2. Gorgeous babe! Looking forward to your week 2 collage!

  3. Great selection of outfits! I had to laugh at the taking-selfies-in-the-office-bathroom because I totally did that too, when I worked at a place with a full-length bathroom mirror, and it always felt a little can people tell this is a bathroom??

    1. Haha yes! Exactly why I outed myself up front... Lots more bathroom shots to come

    2. Hahaha, my office bathroom mirror is in front of the stalls, so you can always see a toilet in the background of my pics! I support you wholeheartedly in your bathroom selfie endeavors!

  4. Awesome week! And I would have never guessed it was a bathroom ;)

  5. Great photos! So much fun to see everyone's recaps of the first week =)
    I wouldn't have guessed it for a bathroom either... I sometimes find that taking pictures everyday is more of a hassle than wearing me-made!

  6. Your outfits are marvelous! I love the Laurel top paired with that cardigan - a dynamite combination!

  7. I LOVE your outfits-- you have absolutely adorable taste and style! Can I come raid your closet?


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