Monday, May 27, 2013

MMM Week 4

Welcome to my week 4 recap of Me-Made-May!

Monday, I wore my new rayon Laurel top. I am in love with this top. I'll have a dedicated blog post soon, so you'll see more. It's pretty much my new favorite thing in my wardrobe.

Tuesday, I wore my brown gathered skirt, created almost exactly a year ago using Gertie's gathered skirt tutorial. It's so easy to pair this skirt with various tops from my closet - I should really wear it more often!

Wednesday, my wrap dress made an appearance. This is another piece I've made that does not get worn super often. I always end up fiddling with the wrap at the waist and adjusting the ties, so it can be a little annoying to wear for a full day at work.

Thursday, I broke out my polka dotted bow blouse. This is definitely a good go-to piece in my wardrobe and it pairs well with skirts, shorts, or pants - definitely a plus!

Friday, I wore my newly completed Turquoise Taylor Dress. It was actually chilly and windy that day, so I wore a thick navy cardigan and matching navy belt. UPDATE: I've just posted a new photo of me wearing this dress on my project post, too!

Saturday, I dug out my first ever completed top! This baby hasn't seen the light of day in a loooong time, but every time I wear it, I re-realize that it's pretty nice to wear and, though it's not perfect, it's still cute!

Sunday, back to my collared Laurel - an instant favorite in my wardrobe. I love the sixties vibe of this blouse and the cheerful pop of bright pink.

Ok, guys! Let's gear up for the fifth and final week of Me-Made-May. I'm going to try to come up with some fresh new outfits using my me-mades, as a last hurrah. I have a feeling I'll just want to wear my rayon Laurel top every day though. We'll see! :)


  1. Can't wait to see the post about the new Laurel top! I love that print :) The necklace is cute too


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