Monday, May 19, 2014

Me Made May 2014: Week 3

Short post this week, y'all. I wouldn't say I'm struggling to continue to wear me-mades, but I am starting to repeat outfits and find myself relying more upon refashioned and me-mended items than I'd expected to. Also, some days I just don't want to wear anything cute or fitted at the waist. Some days I just want to be schleppy! Luckily the weather's been beautiful, so that helps. How's everyone else holding up?

Day 1: Not-Yet-Blogged spotted Coco / Day 2: Not-Yet-Blogged FBA'd Emery
Day 5: (Part 1) Refashioned Outlier Daily Riding Pant / (Part 2) Me-mended h&m Mathilde lookalike
Day 6: Me-mended Striped RTW dress / Day 7: Back to School Laurel

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