Monday, May 26, 2014

me made may 2014: week 4

Day 1: Rayon Laurel Top + Me-altered Outlier Daily Riding Pants
Day 2: Black Chardon Skirt with Pockets and Belt-loops
Day 3: New, Unblogged Rayon Sencha Blouse + Gathered Skirt
Day 4: Anthro-Inspired Spotted Laurel Top + Me-altered Outlier Pants (Again)
Day 5: Denim Miette / Day 6: New, Unblogged Belcarra Top
Day 7: Unblogged Leopard Print Ponte Laurel Dress

Ooh, week 4! We are so close to the end. I must admit I'm missing some of my summery RTW clothes that I haven't been able to wear even though the temperatures are perfect for it. This week, I ended up with double documentation (two photos) of some outfits, so I figured I'd throw them in the ol' round-up collage for kicks. You'll also notice several "unblogged" items listed. I counted and I have a total of 6 things I've made but not shared here, so stay tuned for those in the near future. Not too near, I'm afraid, though. I'm going on vacation very soon and don't think I'll have time to share before then. You'll just have to follow me on instagram for the final #MMM14 installment, and watch this space in June for some treats upon my return. Bon Voyage!

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  1. Oh I love your spotty Laurel top, the bow at the back is very cute!


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