Sunday, July 13, 2014

#SpringSewingSwap '14

Lucky me, I was paired up with Sally of TheQuirkyPeach for Kerry's annual Spring Sewing Swap. This girl knows me well! She hooked me up with a delightful bundle of vintage sewing goodies.

Thank you, Sally! I can't wait to try out these awesome fabrics and patterns. Oh, and the mini sticky notes are adorable, too. :)

I also lucked out when Kathy of TheNerdySeamstress posted the BHL Charlotte skirt pattern for sale on her Instagram. I managed to snap it up, and she even sent along this pretty fabric, too! It was such a nice surprise and even looks great with the bright pink pattern packaging.

Thanks for the happy mail days, Sally and Kathy! Now I need to start planning out some projects to make use of my new sewing goodies.


  1. Oh wow, you totally scored! And I'm super jealous, Sally is rad!

  2. The patterns are brill and very you. I really need to start reading my blog roll a bit more as I missed the spring sewing swap which sounded like so much fun.


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