Monday, August 14, 2017

Too Much of a Good Thing?

The first time I came across a Rifle Paper Co. product, I think I audibly gasped. Maybe I was at Paper Source, or a stationary store ...or was it Anthropologie? I loved the style instantly and I'm sure I thought something like "FINALLY!-- A brand whose aesthetic perfectly matches my tastes!" (yes, these are how my thoughts sound).

I think my first purchase was a set of "thank you" cards. It was several years ago, back when they were mainly doing stationary and paper products, and were just starting to dip their toes into other accessories, like phone cases and small zippered bags. 

After that, as soon as I (also finally) jumped on the iPhone train, I got a Rifle Paper Co. phone case, and I would get the odd compliment on it, from other fans of the brand, who sometimes weren't even aware that the product existed. "I love your Rifle phone case! Where did you get it?!" I think the brand was still kind of flying under the mainstream radar at that point?

Over the past several years, I've gradually accumulated RPC stationary, greeting cards, calendars, coasters, art prints, cosmetics bags, phone cases, and anything else I could reasonably get my hands on. I just found myself in love with everything Anna created and I wanted to sprinkle it everywhere in my life.

It felt like the designs added a clever, interesting, artistic touch to my style. Modern yet retro, with enticing color schemes and a dash (but not too much) of whimsy. I loved it!

Like most sewers, back when I was re-entering the sewing world, as an adult (um 8 years ago?), a significant issue for me was finding fabric that I actually wanted to wear -- it needed to be interesting and cute, but also appropriate for garments. Not quilting cotton. Exploring online, and occasionally at JoAnn's, I found some suitable fabrics here and there that helped somewhat quench my thirst for eye-catching prints and colorful designs I could make into clothes.

I remember wishing back then, "If ONLY Rifle would design FABRIC." That would be amazing and I could then proceed to make ALL the clothing of my dreams, obviously.

When RPC eventually released their first fabric line, I was delighted. Hallelujah! I can make my own Rifle clothes! The possibilities are endless! My clothing will be unique AND exactly the style I want it to be. Also, rayon everything!  This is THE BEST!

I pre-ordered some Les Fleurs rayon as a birthday gift to myself and, once it showed up in the mail, I promptly tucked it away in my embarrassing fabric stash to await the perfect project. 

Somewhere along the way, before even cutting into the fabric, I started to feel less excited.

Over the past year or so, I found that clothing other bloggers and IG users made from the same, bold Rifle prints really started to feel boring and all the same to me, regardless of the actual style of the garment. Interesting details became invisible to me. The fabric appeared to be wearing the person, no garment even making a blip on my radar. It seemed like all I could see was Rifle fabric. Rifle, Rifle, Rifle, Rifle. 

Fast forward to present day. I now cringe as I scroll through Instagram (numerous times a day because I'm addicted). Rifle's latest (third? I've lost count) line of fabric is out and it feels like everyone's starting to use Rifle everything... yet again. (Also they offer Keds now, too?!) I can't escape it. It's like I'm suffocating in the pretty, painterly, detailed, perfect-color-combination, prints. It feels like too much

I didn't know that I could get sick of a style that seemed so well-suited to my own.

My beautiful periwinkle fabric is still siting in my stupid fabric stash and now I'm realizing I'm officially sick of all things Rifle Paper Co. I'm hoping to wait this out and fall back in love with my treasured cloth -- maybe next spring? 

I'm dismayed to admit I'm experiencing #RPCOverload and am totally burned out. How are you faring?


  1. I think I understand what you're talking about. It's hard to stay excited about a design when it is as distinctive as Rifle fabrics, and you see it become so popular that it is everywhere. It doesn't feel like it's reflecting your tastes like it did originally. You start to feel like you're just following the crowd ( even though you've loved their designs for years).

    1. Oh no, now I sound like a whiny hipster! Haha -- I guess it is what it is. I do feel like I used to identify more with the aesthetic before I saw it on virtually evvvveryonee. However, I don't get sick of other things, like say shift dresses, no matter how many of those I see, I still want to make/wear them!

  2. Yeah, I don't get it. I actually did not know anything about Rifle until everyone started gushing about the fabric. And it is pretty, but I didn't buy right away and now every other day on my Bloglovin there is a project in the fabric. And you're right, it does kind of seem like the fabric is wearing the person, maybe because of how prevalent the prints are.

  3. Girl, I've got the same print in red sitting in my stash since last year... I have no idea what to make with it and just looking at it doesn't fill me with excitement either....Thank you for sharing, I was feeling rather guilty about it! xB

    1. Don't feel guilty! Haha, you're not alone! #RifleFatigue

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's sick of seeing it everywhere in the blogosphere. I also agree that it often looks like the fabric is overwhelming the wearer. Maybe pairing it with a solid coordinate would help.

  5. My mama has this thing where she finds something she loves and promptly falls out of love with it as soon as its what she calls mainstream. I just bought the rifle paper co and I'm trying not to feel the same. I might make pjs so I can enjoy them without insta having to know about it!


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