Friday, September 20, 2013

Resting on my Laurels

As most of you know, one of my favorite things to sew recently has been the Laurel pattern from Colette Patterns. It's fast, doesn't require a zipper, works great with and without sleeves, can be lined or unlined, made fancier or super casual, and it's easy to fit. I've sewn back to back tops and dress variations and I'm not quite done yet! Here's a look at my most recently finished Laurel in action.

As you can tell, the late afternoon sun was really beating down on our back patio -- it made the plants in our garden look neon green, and I (including the hair on my arms!) appear to be glowing. Magic!

This Laurel ended up being another mini skirt length version, similar to my linen one. It's just long enough for me to get away with wearing it to my (very casual) job without requiring tights, but I'm also looking forward to pairing it with tights in cooler weather. The sleeve length is another detail that works well for the all-weather style I was trying to achieve.  I do find this dress especially suited for fall, though, but maybe that's just because the navy and white speckled fabric makes me think of a composition notebook (back to school!).

I know, by now, some of you must be sick of seeing me make Laurel after Laurel, and I'm thinking I've finally got enough of my sewjo back to try out new things again. But not before finishing my last Laurel that's currently in the works! I recently donated a pile of things from my closet, including a sad little me-made that I loved to wear, but had just not held together. My Peter Pan Pendrell was just worn out and starting to fall apart, so I'm working on a collared Laurel as a replacement. I'd had just enough of the teal rayon challis left over for it, so I'm looking forward to finishing it up and being able to wear (and share a peek at) the replacement soon.

In the meantime, let's recap all of my completed Laurels, in hopes I'll really be ready to move on now!

Rayon print version 4 (one for me, one for Steph),


  1. I for one am not sick of your Laurels. They're very inspiring. I have the lining completed for my first one, and am really excited about finishing it. It looks like it's going to be a keeper. Yours are all so lovely. Thanks for sharing, and for all of the great ideas.

  2. I think it's great to see someone make so many variations of one pattern!! It's a very realistic approach to sewing for yourself that I can appreciate! Plus, you look absolutely smashing in every single one - so I never get bored! This last one is especially fun - I love the dress length and the speckled fabric!

  3. I love all your versions of the Laurel. Just shows how versatile that great little pattern is and how creative you are. Keep them coming and I will keep watching!

  4. Another gorgeous Laurel! I think it's great you've found a pattern that works so well for you, and is so versetile. Looking forward to seeing the Peter Pan collar-version =)

  5. I love all your Laurels and this one is super cute :)

  6. I love this! It's such a cute style for you, and they all look great!

  7. I love that there is a colour story with all your Laurels too. Lots of muted grays and pinks, with hints of black. Can't wait to see what your teal top turns out like.


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